UMACHA and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis would like to welcome you to join us on our journey of Riding the Rails of Faster Payments. We are engineering an agenda to highlight the latest trends and information from today’s payment industry with leading experts.

Our extensive planning and exceptional attention to detail make this the premier payments conference in the upper Midwest. To give you an idea of what to expect, continue to check back as we work towards laying tracks and linking speakers. From the locomotive to the caboose, we will have it all!

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"The longevity of this conference is a testament of the success of it! (The committee) does a great job." - Machelle Anderson, Navigating Payments 2015 Attendee 


"Just when I thought it couldn't get any better -- WOW! The energy in the room was tangible & genuine. Great job to all who contributed in anyway!" - Kathy Drexler - Navigating Payments 2015 Attendee 


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Keynote Speaker

Motivational Speaker Morris MorrisonMorris Morrison - Motivational Speaker

Many people have already experienced Morris Morrison’s highly inspirational message on stage. Now it’s your turn. Get ready to experience the journey of one of America’s fastest-growing motivational speakers that took him from the bright lights of New York City, to a hospital parking lot where a doctor’s words changed Morris Morrison’s life - forever, after losing his parents in New York City. Some of the top company’s in the world such as Microsoft, GE and many others have witnessed Morris Morrison’s energy live on stage and in his latest book, OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: An Inspiring Story About Culture, Results & The American Dream. His unforgettable message sounds like a Hollywood story that you will never forget, as Morris Morrison uncovers the connection between today’s culture, spoiled soccer kids, Netflix, and the #1 topic dominating everyone’s mind today - how to get the results that we want… faster. Morris Morrison is driven to reignite the spirit of the American Dream in the hearts and minds of everyone, by inspiring individuals and organizations to purse the RESULTS that matter most, and by using their story to change the world.

Wednesday October 12th Reception Entertainment

Dan And Reuben RistromDan & Reuben Ristrom

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