Third Party Sender Audits

For Third-Party Senders in the ACH network and the financial institutions who originate entries on their behalf, understanding and completing an ACH audit in accordance with the NACHA Operating Rules can be a challenge. UMACHA’s Compliance Services staff can help you determine the best option to ensure this requirement is met in a timely and accurate manner.

For our Affiliate Members, we offer on-site audit services, similar to those that are available to our financial institution members. A UMACHA compliance staff member can come to your location and complete the ACH Audit for you, providing a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations afterwards for you and your management team. If you or your Third-Party Sender are not already members of UMACHA, visit our membership page to learn more right now!

To help you complete your own audit, visit our Compliance Publications page to order our Third-Party ACH Audit Guide. This tool will help you understand what provisions of Appendix Eight apply in the Third-Party Sender environment and how to properly test for compliance. 


UMACHA's Audit Services for Third-Party Senders

Let the professionals at UMACHA assist your organization's audit function. We have the tools and expertise to help you comply with the current Rules and learn how to stay up-to-date on upcoming changes that may affect Third-Parties in the network. Once completed and delivered to the Third-Party Sender, our final written report identifying areas of non-compliance, risk and related recommendations for corrective action acts as a tool to help you keep your ACH program performing in a safe and sound manner that can be shared with any Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) who might ask for this information.

For questions about the audit process, to request a quote for an on-site Third-Party ACH Audit, or to schedule a UMACHA on-site compliance service, complete the UMACHA Compliance Services Request form below.

UMACHA Compliance Services Request Form

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