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Faster Payments Council Fraud Information Sharing Survey

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Faster Payments

In 2020, the Fraud Information Sharing Work Group (FISWG) published the Examining Faster Payments Fraud Prevention white paper, taking a fresh look at current fraud trends and approaches for mitigating these risks. The paper outlines the fraud schemes dealt with in the payments system for some time now, such as identify theft, account takeover, synthetic identity, and social engineering, as well as new ones that have emerged.

To continue its efforts and seek additional insights into faster payments fraud trends and prevention, the FISWG developed a short industry survey to obtain more details about fraud tracking, mitigation techniques, types of fraud, and other pertinent aspects of fraud within faster payments context. In addition to consolidating the survey results, the FISWG will publish a corresponding report summarizing the findings and provide insights in comparison to non-U.S. geographies.

The intent is for this survey to be the first of many, with subsequent surveys issued potentially every two to three years.  Depending on interest from the industry and degree of change in the faster payments environment in the United States, future surveys will incorporate feedback and learnings from each preceding survey, making your participation in this inaugural survey vitally important, not only for this year’s survey, but for years to come.

We ask that you submit one response for your organization unless your organization has siloed departments or subsidiaries with materially different responses to the survey, in which case we request each department/subsidiary submit its own response. Survey responses are due two weeks from today, on Friday, September 24, 2021.

Please reach out to with any questions. Thank you for your continued support and engagement in the Faster Payments Council!


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